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Chair Covers


Add an elegant touch with tasteful chair covers and sashes, in a range of styles, fabrics and covers.

Our large range of chair covers included, overall, fitted and lycra covers, available in both Black and  white. Sashes are available in over 80 different colours and styles. Having worked with many different venues in the Barossa Valley, we are able to advise which type of cover is best suited to each venue.

Chair Covers available
  • Fitted Linen Chair Covers (suitable for plastic bistro chairs)
  • Throwover Chair Cover (suitable for most chairs, not including plastic chairs)
  • Fitted Lycra Chaircover (suitable for dining & function chairs)



Choice of over 80 different sashes in different fabrics, styles & colours.


White Sparkle

White Crystal
Ivory Satin
Ivory Organza
White Satin

Gold Satin
Gold Organza
Gold Sparkle
Beige Satin

Mushroom Satin
Chocolate Satin
Chocolate Organza
Silver Organza

Silver Satin
Silver Sparkle
Silver Blue Sparkle
Baby Pink Sparkle

Orchid Pink
Lolly Organza
Fuschia Organza
Rose Organza

Vintage Rose Satin
Cerise Satin
Orchid Satin
Watermelon Sparkle

Hot Pink Sparkle
Watermelon Satin
Burgandy Sparkle
Wine Satin

Dark Red Satin
Dark Red Organza
Red Sparkle
Sage Satin

Aqua Satin
Apple Satin
Spearmint Satin
Olive Organza

Citrus Organza
Hunter Satin
Lime Sparkle
Ming Satin

Iris 2-Tone Organza
Sky Sparkle
Turquoise Satin
Baby Blue Sparkle

Royal Blue Sparkle
Royal Organza
Navy Sparkle
Lavender Organza

Lilac Satin
Purple Satin
Purple Sparkle
Purple 2-Tone Organza

Tangerine Sparkle
Orange Organza
Orange Satin
Orange 2-Tone Organza

Yellow Sparkle
Yellow Satin
Black Sparkle
Black Organza

Black & Silver Lurex
Purple Sequin
Orange Sequin
Green Sequin

Black & White Pattern Satin

Black Diamond Buckle